Digivault - Asset hosting for critical applications

What is Digivault?

Digivault is a managed online asset store for use with high traffic digital campaigns and promotions where resilience, speed and asset tracking are requirements. Typical uses include delivering eCRM assets or targeted interactive content, and tracking responses over a fixed time period.

Who can use Digivault?

Anyone with the need for high availability asset delivery and/or click through tracking can make use of this service. Digivault is a managed service, which means that all assets are thoroughly checked before being made available in order to maintain our three key service points: security, availability, speed.

Who uses Digivault?

DDB Worldwide, Volkswagen, Guardian Newspapers Limited, TUI, Bridge Research, and more.

How do I contact you?

If you would like to contact us, please use our online contact form. One of our team will then give you a call, or if you prefer, reply via e-mail.